Today’s progress. It’s getting there but it’s hard to paint while watching “Let’s Make Love”.

Slowly getting there. Need to work on my water marks. Not use to working on an aquaboard.
New painting started for the guild 
8 x 10 aquaboard & watercolor
Finished this like 2 weeks ago

LeSage Hotel 
Colfax, Louisiana
18.5 x 24.5

today’s progress: I try and spend at least an hour a day painting. Working in a layer of bricks

Small painting I did today for an aunt. an old town home in natchitoches la.

Started a third layer today. Building up my bricks.

Today’s progress. So many more layers to go!!!
Making progress. Slowly.
Started a new watercolor painting last night. 
Lesage Hotel. Colfax, Louisiana
took a view shots the other day. just playing around with my camera with not a care in the world about my priorities..

not sure what im going to do with these yet. maybe illustrated bugs?