Hermès Shanghai Levi van Veluw.

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Linda Geary, Vertical Blue, 2009. Acrylic and oil on canvas, 60 x 48 in.
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Pauline Darley: Kamilya Kuspan

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Published in Etages Magazine

Photographer : Pauline Darley @ Le Crime
Assistant : Lara Guffroy
Make up : MademoiselleMu
Hair : Pierre Saint-Sever using Session Label OSIS+ Schwarzkopf Professional
Stylism : Karina Iskakova

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Shards of Space on Flickr.

Paul Lehr


Orbit 3 on Flickr.

Paul Lehr

Angelika Arendt – Intricate Worlds

Patternbank love the incredible detail in Angelika Arendt’s intricate ink drawings and psychedelic sculptures made of polyurethane clay. The worlds Arendt creates in her work seem to morph and move in front of your eyes creating some beautiful patterns within. Check out more of her incredible work at and on her flickr page.

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Dominic Wilcox'sfuture" car is driverless and made Stained-glass

Wilcox created the car, called Stained-glass Driverless Sleeper Car of the Future, as a commission for MINI Frontiers exhibition on the future of mobility, which opened today as part of the London Design Festival.

The designer imagined a future where all cars were controlled by computers that would eliminate collisions and accidents, meaning everyday vehicles would no longer need to be designed for safety.

Photography is by Sylvain Deleu.

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Animal Update: A harlequin tuskfish and panther grouper have been added to our Blacktip Reef exhibit! 

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Aris Moore (New Hampshire, USA) - Untitled     Drawings


Old Scooby Doo Frames KILL ME

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Moss London Fall 2014 Collection